Article Contest

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This is a skills-based contest


The idea behind – SQL Server Planet’s new website – is to create an on-line space promoting different aspects of MS SQL Server. You can get involved in the project and write for a global audience by joining our Article Competition. All you need to do is register and submit your content. If we like it, we will publish your article and enter it into our contest. Don’t miss this opportunity! Participation is free and there will be 12 winning authors!

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  • One grand prize winner gets $1000
  • One second place winner gets $500
  • Ten remaining winners are chosen – one from each category – each receiving $200
    • TSQL
    • DBA
    • Design
    • Data Warehousing
    • SSRS
    • SSAS
    • SSIS
    • SQL 2012
    • SQL Azure (Free Trial)
    • SQL Tools


The final definitive timeline for all entries is March 15st 2013. All entries need to be submitted through the online editor. All submissions will be published as they are edited. For full contest Terms and Conditions please see this link.

Please note, in order to provide a fair ranking and prevent dishonest activity, we employ advanced formulas created to root out any suspicious activity and ensure that the competition is fair.


All articles will be judged by SQLPlanet using the following weighting:

  • 25% – Usefulness
  • 20% – Accuracy
  • 20% – Content Quality (Title, lack of editing, well proof-read)
  • 20% – Visual Appeal (proper use of images, code blocks, short
  • 15% will be the following:
    • Page Views
    • Social Shares
    • Quality of comments
    • Good quality in bound links
    • Popular votes

What We’re Looking For

We would like you to write about what you are most interested in. What topic do you love? What trick do you know that no one else knows? Chances are this article will spark your passion and will be the most popular and useful for others to read.

All entries should be at least 500 words long. One author can submit up to 10 articles. We do ask however that all your articles be substance rich. The article should be written by you and cannot be posted on any other site. Article spamming can result in disqualification.

Try to write about an interesting fact or a great tip, or just something you think everyone needs to know. Add proper images and format your article appropriately. More can be found in the writing guides.

What We’re Not Looking For

Please no articles that promote your individual site or longtail keyword. Any articles about a SQL Tool that were written by an employee need to disclose their relationship with the SQL product.