Reverse Engineer a Database with Embarcadero ER/Studio Data Architect

In this first of the series articles on Reverse Engineering and Data Modeling, we will be going through a simple example on how easy it is, for us to reverse engineer an existing SQL Server Database into a ER Model in just 5 easy steps! Did you just say 5, Yes! Prerequisites / Steps Download a 14-day free trial copy of Embarcadero ER/Studio Data Architect Any database with sample data in it Connect to the Sample Database from ER/Studio Follow the wizard with a few clicks Voila! You now have a ready to use ER Model for that Sample database Download First, download and install your 14-day free trial copy of Embarcadero ER/Studio Data Architect. Activate the Product Please follow these steps to register for an Embarcadero Developer Network (EDN) account and activate the product. To register for an EDN account, please register here. Once you have registered, you will need to activate your account (The email sent to your Email ID) Enter your Serial # and EDN credentials(Email ID and Password registered during EDN account creation) in the Registration Dialog. Reverse Engineer Your Database In this example we’ll reverse engineer a SQL Server 2012 Database from ER/Studio Data Architect. The actual database we’ll use is the example database Pubs. You may choose to use the same by downloading the pubs, Northwind or AdventureWorks Sample Databases from Microsoft’s codeplex website. Now let us launch ER/Studio Data Architect by clicking on: Start –> All Programs –> Embarcadero ERStudio Data Architect XE3 –> ERStudio […]

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